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Email me if you are looking to become a dealer or need pricing info
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The suppliers I represent can supply you with a wide variety of products from lighting
and pro audio to instruments and accessories that will help you grow your business.

Several of these award winning products are continually named
as the "best companies to do business with" as voted by dealers
& professional organizations. Each one does their best to
maintain quality, service and support for you!

If you are a music retailer, lighting or sound professional feel free to contact me
@ 985-871-1499 / cell: 504-427-5200 / fax: 985-892-0458

You can also email me @ metronola@aol.com

Many thanks to my loyal customers for the past 32 years
of continued support and a great  2020 to all!

Metro Joe

Please note: Metro Joe's Marketing does NOT sell to end users
                               but you can contact me via email for referrals near
                               you if you are located in the states represented.

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